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Things to consider when buying furniture on Kauai

April 27 2023 – Web Otsukas

There are a lot of things to consider when buying furniture on the Island of Kauai. You have to remember that we are literally one of the last islands in the USA. So yes, shipping is a really big concern. But fun fact Kauai is also one of the wettest spots in the USA, and nearly every home is literally next to the beach. Keeping those two things in mind we pride ourselves in selling only furniture that will stand up to the elements. We work with the top manufacturers that use higher quality materials such as solid woods, better fabric grades...materials that will hold up to the moisture and sun for years and years. In short, we do not sell those cheaper particle board furnishings found at the other bigger box stores. 

Otsuka's is one of the largest furniture stores on the island and we are able to keep a great selection of products in stock. We work extremely hard with our vendors to land furniture on island in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible. In doing so we are able to share those savings with you. Going forward sign up for our email list to learn about special orders, and pre-orders where we can get the furniture you want without the wait and expense typically associated with special orders. 


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